Pelikan M815 Wall Street LE, 18K Medium nib, inked with J.Herbin Lie de Thè

Finally my pen changes are back to "previously used" inks after a run of new purchases. This is the fourth time my J.Herbin Lie de Thè (translation: dregs of tea) ink has been loaded into a pen. The pen is my one and only numbered limited edition pen, the M815 Wall Street by Pelikan, a serious dark grey marbled effect pen complete with a 24K gold chip embedded in the barrel - so extravagant. The nib says Medium but writes with a line closer to a Fine on my Rhodia 80gsm paper stock. Lie de Thè is an interesting light brown that is on the dry side and with that shades quite well. A good ink for the journal while having a cup of tea.

A few tea related quotes to show off this nib and ink.

Aurora Talentum Rubberized Black/Chrome, 14K Stub, inked with Visconti Turquoise

A second pen change for the day allows my other newly purchased ink into use - Visconti Turquoise - I am currently on a Visconti ink collection completion drive having bought three bottles in the last two weeks. I must admit I am a sucker for a turquoise blue ink - they make me happy to write with them and this one is no exception. It is a very well behaved ink in this 14K Aurora Factory Stub. The Stub lacks the line variation of a cursive italic but makes up for it in its smoothness. The pen holding this nib is a Talentum in Rubberized Black/Chrome. Yes, I know I am committing a stylistic faux par pairing a single toned gold nib with a chrome trimmed pen but I care not.  All in all this is a great combination that will brighten my long bleak days in the office.

Three random quotes to show off this pretty turquoise ink.

Pelikan M600 Black/Green Striated, 18K Medium, inked with Montblanc Daniel Defoe Palm Green

My M600 Black/Green Striated pen makes its eighteenth appearance in use. I haven't seen it for more than six months such is the problem of owning 90 pens. The pen is paired with an 18K Medium nib that came with my M620 Chicago pen, it is a bit temperamental being a slightly hard starter. The ink I chose is the new Writers Series ink from Montblanc - Daniel Defoe Palm Green, Daniel Defoe is the author of Robinson Crusoe as well as other novels. The Palm Green colour I assume is a reference to the island in Robinson Crusoe. In a previous post I compared this ink to a number of my other greenish inks. I am quite taken with this ink and look forward to using it at the office this week.

Three quotes from Daniel Defoe to show off the ink colour.

Shades of dirty greens

The purchase of the new Montblanc Writer's Series Daniel Defoe Palm Green ink today prompted me to drag out the glass dip pen and a few greenish inks to compare them to my new addition. End result: It's not like anything I have and I have lots of 'dirty' greens. :)

Pilot Custom 742 Black/Gold, 14K Music Stub, inked with Pelikan Edelstein Garnet

I now have to walk past a pen shop on my way to and from my new favourite café. I average three coffees a day so that is six times the temptation than normal. Consequently I weaken this week and bought a new ink, worse still it is one in a range of ten inks (my completist drive might kick in again). The Pelikan Edelstein range of inks are all named after gemstones (edelstein is german for gemstone). I bought the 2014 Ink of the year - Garnet, a stone that is a shade of red. My Pilot Custom 742 Black/Gold with its broad wet music stub is perfect to show off this ink to its full. A lovely ink but not very useful for day to day writing though great to mark up documents and generally doodle.

A quote or three to show off the ink.

Pelikan M800 Blue o' Blue SE, 0.6mm CI, inked with Visconti Green

The Blue o' Blue is such a pretty pen, blue semi-transparent swirls with gold trim. The 0.6mm cursive italic nib is a Richard Binder grind that I think gives my handwriting an added interest. Visconti Green is a new addition to my ink collection. It came in a uniquely shaped glass bottle (yes glass not plastic). I like this shade of green with its slight blue undertone.

A few scribbles - I love the 0.6mm CI nib!

Rhodia Ice pads

Rhodia recently released a range of their pads to celebrate 80 years being in business called Ice, featuring off-white covers rather than the tradition orange and black. They come in sizes #11, 12, 13, 16, 18 and 19, in 5x5 grid and lined but not dot pad style. :(

I couldn't decide which to buy so I just got one of each - I am such a compulsive completist.

Thank you to the Australian stationery retailer Notemaker for their great service and especially for the free bonus gift.

The paper used in these pads seems to be the same 80gsm paper stock that is used in the normal line of pads. It certainly performs exactly the same when a page of #16 grid is used for my fountain pens writing sample. One change is that they use grey ink instead violet for the ruling lines which really makes a difference to me especially in the 5x5 grid pads.