Lamy 2000 BB, inked with Noodler's FPN Dumas Tulipe Noire

The Lamy 2000 is one of my favourite pens, such a classic looking design, but the ink flow from this BB nib has been a source of frustration for me - I will be polite and say it is temperamental. I have taken the pen apart a couple of times to clean the feed and "manipulate" the tines of the nib. On this occasion the combination of the nib and the Noodler's FPN Dumas Tulipe Noire ink seems to work very well. I quite like the dark burgundy colour of this Fountain Pen Network exclusive ink. Besides doodling I am not certain that I will get much use from this combination while at the office. 

A scribble of a few favourite quotations - this might become a regular thing...

More budget, wants and wishes for new pens

It is July, 1st tomorrow which hails the start of a new financial year here in Australia - accountants cry. It is much more important to me personally as my budget for wasteful things (i.e. my hobbies) also resets.

I broke my budget big time this past year so as a penalty I will only get 50% of the normal for the next 12 months (I have a harsh, but fair Mrs Minister of Finance in my household). To help me stick to this meagre budget I have decided to revert to my childhood and get a virtual "pocket money" amount per fortnightly rather than have an agreed lump sum figure for the year. I will have a constant stream of money so will need to save up for the bigger purchases.

What are my bigger purchases? I really don't know at the moment. iPhone 6 maybe, 4K screen...

 Pen-wise I don't really need anything more. I have a collection of 90 pens, many of them are relatively expensive and very pretty. It currently takes almost ⅓ of a year to get around a rotation, so why would I want to extend this? No logical reason...

But I still have a few pen desires:  

  •  I would like to own a Nakaya.
  •  I would like to own a Montblanc Writers Series. 
  •  I would like to own a Visconti.
  •  I would like to own an Omas.

Brad Dowdy of The Pen Addict now owns two Nakayas - I am so very jealous, but USD$700 is a lot of money for a cartridge convertor pen. :)
Given my extreme obsession with completing sets of things maybe buying a Montblanc Writers Series pen is a dangerous path that could lead to divorce. :(
I want a Homo Sapien but which metal, which nib size? Give me the Calligraphy set (oh its $6,000 bugger).
Once I decide on an Omas model and colour they release more - they are very annoying like that.

Oh well, I should just get the Pelikan M605 Blue Ocean, a silver trim blue demonstrator to be a brother to my gold trim version. Dan Smith must be due to list for sale his Black M1000 with 3B nib again soon - I need a new highlighter nib. :)

Oh no - not more Pelikans - arrrrgggghhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Italic nibs in use

There is a rare strange occurrence in my rotation of fountain pens at the moment. Four of the six nibs are custom grind italics. Two are stub italics, two are cursive italics - the difference, cursives are sharper that stubs. Three of the nibs were ground by Mr Richard Binder and the other by Dan Smith of

From thinnest line width up:

  • Pelikan M800 18K 0.7mm CI ground from a Medium by Richard Binder on the Black/Green Striated.
  • Bexley 18K 0.9mm CI ground from a Broad by Richard Binder on American Rio Grande Red.
  • TWSBI Stainless Steel 0.9mm Stub ground from a Broad by Dan Smith on the Micarta.
  • Pelikan M250 14K 1.1mm Music Stub ground from a BB by Richard Binder on the M620 Piccadilly Circus.

The two Binder cursive italics are quite sharp - look how fine the cross lines are on the 0.7mm and 0.9mmm, the 1.1mm Music stub is less so but is made wet and with a slight flex to the nib. Dan's stub is not as sharp but is still a great nib - though the tines look a bit misaligned in the front-on nib image.

In use - 24th May 2014

Pens, nibs and writing sample of inks in use.

The favourites:

  • Pen - Aurora Talentum Black/Chrome - classy
  • Nib - Sailor Music Stub - so, so much fun.
  • Ink - iroshizuku murasaki-shikibu closely followed by Black Swan in Australian Roses (though a  waste of an ink designed for a flexible nib.)

My Boot Brown Penvelope Six is a bit worn from a hard life in my messager bag but the scruffs and marks give it some character.

Rhodia on my desk

I recently submitted an image of the Rhodia pads on my desk to Stephanie of Rhodia Drive blog as part of her fan photo pages. Stephanie has written a post featuring my image and the comments I made about the use of each of my various Rhodia pad models. Thank you so much Stephanie for the feature. My desk has since failed to retain that high level of neatness and has also been partly invaded by Field Notes books but Rhodia is still holding strong. :)