Inks in use

I have a good selection of nib styles and ink colours in use at the moment. It is hard to pick a favourite but I am enjoying my Namiki Falcon and Diamine Green/Black combo and it is hard to put down any pen that has a Richard Binder CI so the 0.9mm CI and Indigo Blue combination is probably the fav of the six.

Pelikan M415 Tortoiseshell Brown, M250 14K BB nib, inked with Montblanc Leonardo Red Chalk

A favourite pen, a very broad nib and a new ink to my collection. The M415 Brown Tortoise was the first Pelikan to enter my collection and started my addiction to the "tortoiseshell" pattern. The double broad M250 nib is a so, so broad - not that practical for day-to-day writing but it is great fun and great size to show off an ink's shading properties. Yes a new ink, a result of the bi-monthly visit to my local Montblanc Boutique, my score was the Montblanc Leonardo Red Chalk - the ink released to accompany the beautiful Leonardo Da Vinci pen. The shade of this ink is very much of a red ochre (reddish-brown). I find that I really like this ink and it does shade slightly from this nib.

Sailor 1911 Medium Maroon/Gold, 14K H-F nib, inked with Diamine Graphite

My Maroon Sailor 1911 Medium makes a return to use today. This is classy pen with a fine nib that is too fine for my handwriting. I have to make a conscious effort to write smaller to avoid my letters looking very spidery. Diamine Graphite is true to its name - from this nib the ink reminds me of a 2H grade lead pencil tone.

Pelikan M205 Yellow Demonstrator, M250 14K 0.9mm CI, inked with De Atramentis Indigo Blue

The highlight of this combination is the Richard Binder custom grind 0.9mm cursive italic. Broader than my normal favourite the 0.7mm but still with super fine horizontal stroke. I find myself just doodling away with this nib.