Pelikan M620 Madrid, 18K Fine, inked with Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue Washable

The Pelikan Cities Series pen Madrid is so pretty. It is probably favourite red pen, edging out the Ruby Red versions of the M600 and M320. This 18K fine nib is a good writer with this old Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue Washable ink. I am not certain the vintage of this ink (receiving it second-hand along with a pen) but it still works quite well for general writing.

Sailor 1911 Medium Clear Demonstrator/Gold, 14K Music Stub, inked with Diamine Evergreen

I like a demonstrator pen, something about being able to see the inner workings appeals to me. One can never tire of a Sailor Music Stub (MS) - though not three tinned like most traditional MS these broad Sailor nibs are just fun. I own three of this particular Sailor nib and this one would have to be driest writing of them, as seen by the almost non-existent line on the S in Sailor on the sample below.  This exact pen and nib combination was recently reviewed on Azizah's Gourmet Pens blog - check it out the link for an in-depth review. My Pen came with a gold coloured convertor which matches the pen trim well (One of Azizah's few cons was that her pen came with standard chrome coloured converter). Diamine Evergreen is an interesting ink - it is a very subdued green with almost khaki shadings. It is great for office use though the broadness of MS is not suited for general writing.

Lamy Studio Platinum Grey LE, S/S Broad, inked with Montblanc Carlo Collodi Brown

Yep yet another Lamy Studio Limited Edition, this time with a more usable steel broad nib. The ink is the highlight of this combination being the one that was released to accompany the Montblanc Carlo Collodi pen. This brown is quite similar to my latest Montblanc ink the Leonardo Red Chalk though Red Chalk is darker on the whole.

Inks in use

One would think that my favourite of these six nib and ink combinations would be one of Richard Binder cursive italics. They are great but I have had the most quality use with Sailor 1911M Maroon/Gold's H-F nib together with Diamine Graphite. It is a combination that works so well especially with the drafting of  process design flowcharts that I have been doing over past few days. 

Lamy Studio Royal Red LE, S/S 1.9mm italic, inked with Noodler's Q'Ternity

A pen that glows, a nib so wide it is hard to use and an ink with a political theme. The pen is the Royal Red version the Lamy Studio, a limited edition (but not numbered which is my normal criteria for a limited edition), this pen is bright, it glows, not subtle at all. A 1.9mm italic is not a very practical nib, great for doodling or as a highlighter but not for jotting notes. Noodler's Q'Ternity is a fast drying blue-black with political theme in the mould of Bernanke Black. The theme of Quantitative Easing - basically printing money by the US Treasury is lampooned... All in all Q'Ternity is a nice blue-black ink that tends to be lighter from this nib.

Pelikan M101N Lizard SE, M250 0.7mm CI, inked with Diamine Macassar

My M101N Lizard returns for its second time in use. Like its Brown Tortoise brother it is a great little pen that is a joy to use. The nib for this use is one of my oldest custom grind nibs - a M250 0.7mm Cursive Italic purchased from Richard Binder.  This pen is inked with Diamine Macassar a rich brown ink whose name I assume is a reference to the dark brown wood Macassar Ebony.