Pelikan M101N Tortoiseshell Brown SE inked with Montblanc Meisterstück Diamond Blue

My Pelikan Green o'Green finally ran out of ink and another Pelikan comes into use. The M101N Tortoiseshell Brown is a reproduction of one of the original Pelikan models. What I really like about this pen is that while it is the same length as the M400 model it has a larger barrel diameter (something close to that of a M600), it really makes for good hand-feel. The nib that I have teamed with this pen is my extremely broad M250 BB. This nib is wet and lays down a thick but not very exciting line as it has very little width variation between horizontal and vertical strokes. PN173122_20130403_TN

The ink proposed by my fountain pen database is a special edition by Montblanc the Meisterstück Blue. This ink's last use was in a fine nib which didn't really give much of an indication of how this performs, a use in a BB nib gives it room to show off. This ink does shade and performs very well on Rhodia paper (not that expected any thing less from Montblanc).


A pretty little bottle.