Pelikan M300 Black inked with Noodler's The Blue Nose Bear

Well enough of showing off my mind mapping skills it is time to get back to the pens. Next into use is my little Pelikan M300 in black with gold trim - the M300 size is so cute. They are perfect scale models of the large M800 & M1000 pens but they are not toys by any means. If anything I think their 14K nibs perform better than most of my M400 & M600 nibs. On this occasion I have inked up a Fine nib in this pen.


I have run out of first time inks to use so I am back to those that are getting their second or third time in use. I seem to have quite a few Noodler’s on the horizon and it is one of these that gets a run in this pen. Noodler’s The Blue Nose Bear is an ink that was made more for artwork use than for plain journal writing. Given the right nib and paper this ink will produce lines that are lighter in the middle and have a darker outline. I don’t do art so this ink will just have to be used for general writing. This ink does shade and will feather on Rhodia if it is laid on thick enough. It's feathering is far more noticeable on cheaper paper-stock. I quite like the colour of this ink, it is a change from the normal.


The Blue Nose Bear has great label art. This three-sided label has quite an array of images. I like how the colour of the label reflects the colour of the ink.